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Capt John at
Kings Point (USMMA)
circa 1972.



I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and moved to South Florida in 1958 following my fathers dream to move to Florida to go deep sea fishing in his spare time from working with the telephone company. Most of my fondest memories come from those early years growing up in North Miami, Florida fishing, shrimping, and lobstering with my father and my brother.

While growing up I worked as a mate throughout high school on the Charter and Drift fishing boats out of Haulover Marina where I nurtured my love of the sea while fishing and showing folks a good time.

I graduated from Miami Norland Senior High School in the class of 1970 and entered the United States Merchant Academy the same year. I left the Merchant Marine Academy in 1972 after having been injured and hospitalized for almost 6 months choosing to enter the maritime job market as a full time sport fishing captain taking folks fishing rather than take a one year setback to continue my education at the academy.

Capt. john circa 1972 at the Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY.
At the academy I had the opportunity to travel all over the world "at sea" training for my entire sophomore year and the "sea time" I accrued as a midshipman qualified me to sit for my 100 Ton Masters license right out of the academy. Back then there was no "Sea School" and you had to take the test in the Coast Guard office in downtown Miami. I passed my test the first time and received my 100 Ton Masters license and began my career as a captain running boats all up and down the east coast of Florida as far north as Mayport, Florida and as far south as the Keys.
One job opportunity as a captain  brought me to Ft. Pierce, Fl. back in the mid seventies and I operated the "Blue Sea II" for Fred and Bill Gatchell for over three years, seven days a week, as their primary captain. I developed a love of East Central Florida and the fishing opportunities this area has to offer.

In 1977 the Blue Sea II was sold to Jud Waterman and moved to the "Miamimarina" in downtown Miami. I was persuaded to follow the Blue Sea II back to South Florida and run it as Jud's full time captain. I also has notions of settling down so I continued our family heritage and hired on with Southern Bell and met my wife Maria of 26 years on the job while working for the telephone company. My first job with the phone company was in downtown Miami right across the street from the Marina where I was running the night trip for Jud. It was shortly after the birth of my first son Eric that I was promoted to management and decided to concentrate on my corporate career and the benefits it provides for raising a family. I had numerous boats of my own during my 29 year career with the phone company and lived in Keystone Point in Miami until we were able to transfer with BellSouth to Brevard County in 1996. I had promised myself back when I married that I would return to East Central Florida some day and when the opportunity came my wife and I moved to Cocoa Beach where I reside today and will probably live out my remaining years.


Capt. John in Ft. Pierce circa 1977.
 (I'm the one farthest to the left and
as you can see I've put on a few pounds over the years.)

Capt. John (on the far left) circa 1979 captain of the party boat "Blue Seas II"


Capt. John today with a
 sweet Port Canaveral Flounder.

Back when I was promoted to management at the phone company I essentially retired as a boat captain, my true "first love", and promised myself that when my wife and I had raised our family and they were able to succeed in this world on their own I would return to the job I loved the most.

Well both of my sons are now out of college, one Seminole (Eric the systems analyst and computer Guru, married to Amber and living just outside of Tallahassee, Fl.) and one Gator (John the engineer living in Port St. Lucie and will be marrying Autumn in March, 2008).

I began to follow my dream by getting the "Goinoffsportfishing.com" domain, formed my "GOIN OFF Sportfishing, LLC" and took a course with Sea School to reinstate my captains license. Thanks to Sea School and few weeks of studying I received my 3rd issue of my 100 Ton License on May 14, 2007. Bluewater Boats began construction of the
 "All New GOIN OFF" in April, 2007 and took delivery of her in and took delivery of her in July, 2007 .

My retirement date from the "New AT&T" was 12/31/2007 and be my mission going forward is to take fine folks fishing and show them a good time. And with a little luck send them on their way with some good eating fish as well. That said, it's also my desire to keep the cost for those folks to go fishing as low as possible by charging little more than what it takes to cover my  expenses. It's my hope this will allow me the opportunity to spend as much time on the ocean while I am still physically able to do so and stay within my retirement budget.

Make no mistake, I am  a "full time fisherman" again and I prefer taking nice folks out for fun and fresh fish to take home. I also hold and number of commercial fishing permits, including "King Mackeral, Spanish Mackeral, Cobia, Dolphin, and Wahoo" which I use to supplement my income when  I am not out showing folks a good time.

Give me a call at 321 537-5218 and with you helping to cover my expenses, we'll have a great time, catch a few fish and share some fond memories.


Capt. John


Capt. John holding a large Port Canaveral Flounder, a frequent occurrence aboard the Goin Off.